About Me

Juliette Lacroix, embracing wellness one step at a time

I am a lifelong foodie, with a long standing passion for cooking dating back to my high school days when I would meal plan and cook for my family on a regular basis. I detoured down the path of theatre and performance for many years before returning to one of my first loves – getting creative in the kitchen.

Like most people, I judged my diet to be “healthy” and didn’t worry too much about what was in my food, as long as it was paired with a healthy dose of vegetables. We decided to try our hand at a plant-based diet several years ago, and with this came a huge transition in lifestyle. I started reading labels, and began to question why I was ingesting long lists of hard to pronounce additives and preservatives. Our diet began to shift and change to one that was based, where most of what we eat was (and is) made from scratch.

My engagement with nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle was taken to a whole new level when a close friend introduced me to Meghan Telpner’s blog, just in time to join the first class of her Culinary Nutrition Expert program in the fall of 2013. Meghan’s program blew my mind, I learned so much and was inspired to take my education in many new directions, including further studies in culinary arts (care of the Rouxbe Professional Plant-Based Professional Certification), health coaching (care of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and herbalism. One of the program highlights for me was the opportunity to engage with other like-minded people, many of whom I am still in touch with today.

An increased consciousness around health and nutrition has gradually rippled out to other aspects of our lives, including non-toxic products, eco-friendly lifestyle practices and a focus on reducing consumption, to make space for experiences rather than “stuff.” Buying and organic, as much as possible has now become a way of life for us. As a family we spend lots of time together in the kitchen, and my kids are active participants in our planning, grocery shopping and food preparing activities. Getting kids connected with and excited about the food they are eating is a huge passion of mine. I believe that kids are far more likely to eat what is on their plate if they have a hand in the selection and preparation involved in getting it there.



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