Sweet & Smoky Pumpkin Seeds

Sweet & Smoky Pumpkin Seeds

I enjoy watching cooking shows with my kids, while the vast majority doesn’t cater to our plant-based diet, I do find the creativity of the chefs profiled very inspiring and I often walk away with ideas I can adjust using vegetables instead of meat, fish or dairy. These pumpkin seeds were inspired by the flavours of candied bacon, a combination of sweet and salty that I thought would compliment my Chai Spiced Squash Soup.

The original recipe I referenced for how to roast pumpkin seeds advised soaking and then drying your seeds, however, I was in the midst of making soup at the same time and didn’t want to add the extra step in. I found that baking the seeds for half an hour provided enough time to get rid of any excess moisture and the end result was crispy and delicious pumpkin seeds. Depending on your oven you may need to adjust the cook time, your best bet would be to check every 15 minutes or so to prevent your seeds from burning.

Another one of our favourite flavour combinations is 2 tsp avocado oil, ½ tsp smoked paprika, ½ tsp garlic powder and ½ tsp either plain or smoked sea salt.

Sweet & Smoky Pumpkin Seeds


1 large pumpkin’s worth of seeds
2 tsp avocado oil
2 tsp Maple syrup
½ tsp smoked sea salt
⅛ tsp ground cinnamon


Scoop seeds and flesh out of your pumpkin. Separate the seeds from the flesh and cover with water. Soak for at least half an hour.

Strain soaked seeds and add to a bowl along with the remainder of the ingredients. Stir to combine and spread on a large baking sheet. Add to a 350°F oven to roast for a total of 30 mins, checking after 15 minutes to stir the seeds and prevent burning.

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