The Road Less Traveled

Life has shifted for us in a very big way over the past couple of months. We explored a few different options that would have us stay in Victoria, but ultimately discovered that while we have thoroughly enjoyed living here, it is not so much about the place. We could be anywhere, so long as we are all together. Last December we met the incredible Pearce family, who have been traveling the world with their three kids for the past 7 years. Their blog Pearce on Earth depicts their travel lifestyle, with tons of resources with regards to life on the road, entrepreneurship and world schooling. The more we spoke with them, the more inspired we became. If they could do it, pursuing an adventure like this seemed far more accessible for us as well. Not quite brave enough to take the plunge as of yet, we decided to explore…

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All Natural Mobile Pharmacy

When we left Canada for Europe a couple of weeks ago for my Dad's wedding we were a bit like the walking wounded. A month of intensive renovations, followed by a rather frantic move left us all sleep deprived and on the cusp of getting sick.

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Eco Friendly Reusables On The Go

We absolutely love to travel with our kids - our cross country road trip last summer is a testament to that! One of my biggest pet peeves with travel is the amount of waste generated with eating out. When we did our road trip we brought along a kitchen box with a Vitamix, a couple of pots and pans, a cutting board, chef's knife and induction burner hot plate.

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Time to Relax and Unwind Thanks to Island Elements Retreat

A few weeks ago I was chatting with Emily Deslaurier and Rickilee Alexandra at The Yoga Den in Victoria, following Rickilee's Medicine Making Yoga Herbs workshop. They mentioned an upcoming Island Elements Retreat they were facilitating the last weekend in May, and the more I heard them describe the various elements included (yoga, meditation, delicious food, a nature walk and kayaking) the more motivated I was to attend.

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