The following list contains my go-to resources for Health, Wellness, and Eco-Friendly Living. There is a healthy dose of inspiration here too!

Dried Herbs, Spices, Nuts, and

Harmonic Arts
My Spice Box
Rancho Vignola
Raw Nutrition
Silk Road Spice Merchant
Upaya Naturals

Eco Friendly Products

Aspen Clean
Diva Cup
Dr Bronner’s
Environmental Working Group
Life Without Plastic
Luna Pads
Nellie’s Naturals
Pink Solution and Mother Nature’s Miracle
Small Planet
Smart Klean Laundry Ball
Soap Nuts
Upaya Naturals

Eco Friendly Body Care

All Things Jill
Earth Mama Angel Baby
Living Libations

Herbal Resources

Fireweed Farm and School (Vancouver Island, BC)
Harmonic Arts
Herbal Apprenticeship with Betty Norton (Vancouver Island, BC)
Jim McDonald
Learning HerbsHerb Mentor and Herb Fairies
Rosalee De La Foret

Recommended Blogs

Alkaline Sisters
Ashleigh Grange
Dainty Pig
Danielle LaPorte
David Wolfe
Doreen Virtue
Dr. Lissa Rankin
Fresh Start Wellness
Gabrielle Bernstein
Holistic Nutrition Lab
Jason Wrobel
Josh Gitalis
Jude Blereau
Julie Daniluk
Julie Morris
Kris Carr
Lisa Petr
Marie Forleo
Meghan Telpner
Melanie Connolly
Michelle Vodrazka
Nest and Story
Nourished by Caitlen Iles
Olivia Canela
Sondi Bruner
Yum Universe

Recommended Canadian Companies

Birds of North America
Devil May Wear
Jules Baskets
Lilikoi Clothing
Smoking Lily
Thrive Clothing
Yoga Jeans

Recommended Reading – Cookbooks and Lifestyle

Anatomy of the Spirit – Carline Myss
The Beauty Detox Solution – Kimberly Snyder
Clean Food and Clean Start – Terry Walters
Crazy Sexy Kitchen – Kris Carr
Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions – Danielle LaPorte
FreshRefreshFresh At Home and Super Fresh – Ruth Tal and Jennifer Houston
Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure – Lorna J. Sass
May Cause Miracles – Gabrielle Bernstein
Meals That Heal Inflammation – Julie Daniluk
Mind Over Medicine – Dr. Lissa Rankin
My Father’s Daughter and It’s All Good – Gwyneth Paltrow
Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free – Ricki Heller
Oh She Glows – Angela Liddon
Plant Power Way – Rich Roll and Julie Piatt
Rebar Modern Food Cookbook – Audrey Alsterberg and Wanda Urbanowicz
Superfood Kitchen – Julie Morris
The Blender Girl – Tess Masters
The Kind Diet – Alicia Silverstone
The Undiet – Meghan Telpner
The Undiet Cookbook – Meghan Telpner
The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook and Nourishing Meals – Tom Malterre and Alissa Segersten
Whole Foods to Thrive – Brendan Brazier
Vegan Under Pressure – Jill Nussinow
Yum Universe – Heather Crosby

Recommended Training Programs

Culinary Nutrition Expert Program
David Wolfe’s Nutrition Certification
Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Rouxbe Plant-Based Professional Certification